Cool Trick Solutions to Tricky Cleaning Problems

Most people are faced with a long list of house cleaning chores on a weekly basis. Some of these chores are quite manageable, others are tricky and a real nuisance to deal with. Some common house cleaning issues have easy-fix solutions which don’t necessarily cost too much money or effort. Here are some things I was told by Cleaning Services London that you might find interesting:

Eradicating fridge breath:

Fridge CleaningThe fridge will develop a nasty interior smell after a certain amount of time, even if you were careful not to spill things, or refrigerate warm products.


Find yourself a bunch of old newspapers. Clean the fridge’s interior as best as you can. Screw up the old newspapers and sprinkle them with enough water to make them dampish. Leave the wet newspapers in the fridge overnight and the nasty smell will be gone by the morning. You can also line the bottom of fridge drawers and other compartments inside the appliance with old newspapers in order to absorb the smell. Just don’t forget to replace them every fortnight or so.

Cleaning inside a toaster oven:

The toaster oven is small, hard to clean and notorious for drips and drops during cooking. Cleaning inside hard to reach places is a real nuisance.


Thanks to London Oven Cleaners I’ve got the solution for you. Get yourself some non-stick oven liner. Although the prefab size is meant for large ovens, you can still cut it down to size and use it in the toaster oven. Remove the drip tray and use it as a size guide – cut the liner down to size and place it underneath the drip tray. Spills and mess will be a breeze to remove from the liner. When the liner gets too messy just stick in the dishwasher for a quick wash.

Bath tub drain clogs:

Bathroom CleaningNo matter what hygiene and cosmetic products you use, no matter how much hairs you shed every time you take a bath, a clog in the bath tub drain is just a matter of time. Many seemingly effective drain cleaning products can actually damage your plumbing, which means more money spent on plumbers.


Go back to basic chemistry – pour half a cup of bicarb soda down the bathtub drain, followed by half a cup of white vinegar. Let the concoction foam and froth for about five or so minutes then wash everything down with hot water. This cleaning method will also deal with the nasty drain smell. The same can be done for the kitchen drain. Even companies like
use this solution.