Clever Ways to Make Tough Cleaning Chores Easy

Many seemingly tough and laborious cleaning chores around the house can be made easy and efficient. How so? Well, it is just a matter of using the right products and materials at the right time. Here are some basic tips that will make house cleaning tasks a breeze, without costing you a fortune.

Stubborn stains on the stove:

Stain CleaningThe stove is notorious for stains and burnt on residue. Stovetop cleaning is hard work especially when the stains have sat there for a week. The longer you leave the thing unattended, the more fossilised the stains will become. Don’t waste time if you don’t want the stains to become permanent exhibit.


As I have found here End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Services right after you are done cooking, wet a couple of kitchen towels in warm water. Wait for the stove to cool down, remove the burners and place the towels over the spills and spots left from dishes you just cooked. Wait ten or so minutes for the caked stains to soften up and then wipe them clean using the towels. Stick the towels in the washing machine while still wet and give them a quick spin and they will be good as new.

Soap scum and scaling in the shower:

Cleaning soap scum and scaling around the bathroom and shower, usually translates to hours of hard yakka and less than perfect manicure. The longer you leave the soap scum unattended the harder it sets and the more effort and chemistry it takes to remove it completely. The same applies to lime scaling.


Stain CleaningIn this case, a little bit of effort goes a long way. Each time after you have a shower, take the time to wipe down all tile and glass surfaces around the bathroom using a soft towel. Do this quickly so that the soap scum and scaling is still wet when you wipe it. Scaling occurs when calcium in fresh water mixes with the fatty acids commonly found in soap bars. In order to reduce scaling you can switch to liquid soap or body wash.

Bad smell and mould inside the washing machine:

Many washing machines develop a bad smell after time. Some of them even tend to grow mould around the door gasket and other moist, concealed places. If these issues are left unattended, you will not only have a load of bad smelling, freshly washed clothes, but also a leaky door seal. Get on it before it’s too late.


Once a month, run an empty load – only hot water. Add oxygenated bleach cleaner which also works on the door gasket. Do this at least once every month.